WoodlandPaintball.info WOODLAND PAINT BALL near Portland Oregon, Vancouver, and Longview, Washington (closed Sundays) Please Call 360 225-9631 and Schedule a game or ask any questions

HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT AND RULES:  Remember to call 360 225-9631 to schedule.
We have a flawless safety record now for over 30 years, we are the oldest CONTINUOUS pAINTBALL field in the wORLD.  We play rain or shine, if there is snow on the pass we may cancel, so we need your phone number. DIRECTIONS: I-5 to exit 21 East on SR503 5 miles to Sign and Park.

Players and Guardians are responsible for any injury resulting from transportation to and from the paintball field and for any injury occurring during their time on the paint ball field.  They further agree to pay all medical and legal expenses incurred, as well as all court costs and attorney's fees as well as all judgments against any player or Woodland Paintball Action, its hears and assigns, and executes this document as a note for same, should such need arise.
Equipment: Masks will be worn at all times, Markers will be adjusted to shoot at or below 270 feet per second.  All rented masks will be cleaned by the referee when needed, and the referee will fill all rented High Pressure Canisters.
PERSONAL EQUIPMENT WILL BE MAINTAINED BY OWNERS, Ref.s will not have time to air-smith or fix your equipment.
No player will shoot at another player within 15 feet. Just yell, "You're Dead".  If sneaking up on another  player you must yell "surrender or die" from  20 ft. before shooting, if the player surrenders do not shoot. 
All players will un-cock their guns when not playing.  Safety switches can not be seen by the Ref. so un-cocking is best.
You are dead if a ball breaks on you or something you are holding.  Splatter does not matter, nor do hits that do not break.
You are dead if you shoot a dead player coming out , or shoot a player more than three times, or you run out of paint.
If you are dead, you will have killed your own man if you tell your team member vital information. Dead men don't talk.  If you are hit with your hand up coming out you are automatically resurected and have one job, kill the person who shot you when you were already dead. 

List minors Below with phone numbers          Date: ____/____/201__                         List Adults Below with phone numbers:

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